Points- the in class activity


In the first class of HCC 710,  we collaborated in groups for a design activity- to represent 7 concepts using dots.
In  group of three, we depicted the concepts as shown in the following figures:

7 Concepts- Title



7 concepts- Illustration


Tension: As illustrated, the bond (tension) between the densely spaced dots depicts the idea of intense force, or tension.

Contrast: The picture shows the color difference, one side containing more number of dots (color) while the other with only one dot (devoid of color).

Rhythm: The repeating pattern of the dots portrays the notion of rhythm.

Harmony: Circle, the most stable and harmonious objects of all, we thought was the best way to convey the idea of harmony.

-Movement: The trajectory of dots with a slight change in color at the end of the path, illustrates how the dots are travelling.

Asymmetry: The presence of a dot on once side of the mirror and its absence on the other is a classic example of Asymmetry.


“Go Retrievers!”