This photo essay is a smorgasbord of Grid designs collected from varied sources like Magazines, Newspapers, Flyers, Posters, etc. all in paper format. It was indeed interesting to observe how information is laid out in layouts that sometimes look pleasing to the eye and sometimes fail to establish a connection with the reader.

  1. Manuscript Grid
    IMG_20151028_111615103 (2)
    Manuscript grid


  2. 2 Column Grid
    2 Column grid


  3. 3 Column Grid
    IMG_20151020_185942870 (2)
    3 column grid


  4. Hierarchical Grid
Hierarchical Grid

Other interesting grid design examples

IMG_20151023_130759165 (2)
The Golden ratio
Rows and more rows
The Golden ratio (not in purest form though)
IMG_20151028_111631587 (2)
2 column grid
Coupons in modular grid


I liked collecting these variety of examples which taught me how tweaking the layout can creating significantly different effects on the reader. For example the 3 column grid is not so appealing  as compared to the 2 column grid. The yellow background and the dark font over it calls for immediate attention. Also, the modular grid would be best suited for coupons printing. The message of ‘cut the coupons here’ is communicated almost immediately. In conclusion, the exploration informed me about the spectrum of layouts and grids used in printing different kinds of information.


Thanks for stopping by and reading! 🙂