The article is indeed an interesting one which highlights the journey of 4 individuals. It’s intriguing to see how thinking out of the box has helped people drive innovation and novelty. But while doing so, one must have immense patience and no-quitting attitude, for it takes years of practise to design something really good.

I liked the idea of exploration- exposing yourself to things and ideas not heard before. Danny’s idea of having an open mind and letting thoughts travel to the untravelled spaces helps him gain inspiration and think differently. I believe exploration is one of the most important aspects of design as it helps you imbibe novel ideas and think creatively. Also, while designing, one has to regard simplicity as one of the core values. Too many ideas can spoil the design and keeping it simple can make it more appealing. So sticking to what is required can create good intuitive designs. Furthermore, one should always develop a habit of taking down notes and writing his/her own comments over it. This helps in pondering over the problem and ideating for the same.

Lastly, whichever path one wishes to follow as designer, one should be committed enough to designing more and more and expect a lot of criticisms. The most critically improved design would always be the best one!

Happy Designing!