Fundamentals of Typography (Ch. 1)


The fundamentals of typography (Chapter 1) was an enlightening read about the evolution of typography. It took me on a journey of origins of different typefaces, languages and their alphabets and how factors like culture and time shaped them. It’s interesting to see how culture affects the typography and amends it for that exclusive group of people. For example, the Chinese language is read from Top to bottom, the Arabic from right to left and the Roman from left to right. Their scripts also differ largely from each other leaving very less similarity between them. The article, with its chronological organization of events, mentioned about the history of languages and typefaces first. Next, it described how the typefaces were actually used as fonts in the traditional printing presses. I recalled a snippet from the motion picture titled Helvetica, which showed how the old printing process works. I’m glad that I was exposed to such a rich history of typography and typefaces which increased my curiosity towards languages, typefaces and symbolism in general.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! 🙂