Surviving a critique

The article on surviving design critiques is an extremely useful guide for understanding how to create a good design. It not only talks about critiquing (evaluate) a design but also getting your design evaluated. The quick tips for both these processes can help a designer toward improving his design process and also better communication (evaluation) of others’ designs.

You the design evaluator
As a design critique, one should always have a process for assessment which helps in pruning the design. I agree with the writer about the points he mentioned about critiquing the designs with an objective attitude. Following is the summarization of the tips from the article:

no Fear, eat the Hamburger, ask Why, suggest Action and advise the Design & the Designer (FHWADD).

You the designer
As a designer, one must always be prepared to get critiqued and take it in a constructive criticism. That way, one can always develop an attitude of continuous improvement and also become better at being pessimistic- how to remove bad design!

Following is the summarization of the tips from the article:
your Portfolio speaks, know thy Designs, you’re a Newbie, nothing’s Personal, Notes, notes and notes, and lastly don’t forget to Smile! 🙂 (PDNPNS)

Happy Designing!